Templo Fraternidade Aymoriana

Aymorian Manifesto

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Aymorian Manifesto

Formal declaration of ideals, fundamentals
and T.F.A. Principles

The Templo Fraternidade Aymoriana (T.F.A.) is a sacred place that seeks to bring harmony and evolution to incarnate and disincarnate human beings.a religious creed is preached, and yes, religion in its purest form, in its etymological form (the word religion comes from the Latin RELIGARE, divided in two parts, RE = word intensifier, LIGARE = to tie/join, having as direct meaning: to bind again, to unite again, to bring together.It refers to reconnecting the Human Being with God, remaking the link that is sometimes forgotten).

This manifesto is intended to formally declare the ideals, foundations and T.F.A. principles in a simple and open way for all audiences.Do not take everything you read here as pure truth, before that, analyze, reanalyse, understand and study, so that you can discover what is true for you. This manifesto is necessary due to the great growth of Aymorian Fraternity Temple, will also be sought to clarify and answer doubts about the positioning of the body in the most diverse areasof knowledge and personal and social experience. The document serves as a basis for guidance and research for scholars of theology, sociology, and philosophy.