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History and Enigma of Our Lady of Guadalupe

One Saturday in 1531, at the beginning of December, an Indian named Juan Diego, went very early in the morning from the town where he lived to Mexico City to attend his catechism classes and to hear the Holy Mass. As he reached the hill called Tepeyac, it was dawn and he heard a…

January 20 – Oxossi's Day (syncretism with São Sebastião)

Oxossi in Umbanda is considered patron of the caboclos line, acting for the physical and spiritual well-being of human beings.
According to this religion, Oxossi is a representative figure of one of the seven main forces of God: the strength of struggle, work, providence and po…


Kabbalah / Kabbalah: that which is received. That which cannot be known through science or intellectual pursuit alone. An inner knowing that has been passed from sage to student since the dawn of time. A discipline that awakens awareness of the essence of things.
We enter this …

History of Saint Catherine of Alexandria

Saint Catherine was born in the year 300, in Alexandria, Egypt, at a time when there was a strong persecution of Christians. Belonging to a noble family, she studied philosophy, theology and other sciences. In addition to being very intelligent and cultured, she was endowed with…

What is Reiki?

Throughout human history there have always been healing methods based on the transfer of a universal life energy, the same energy that creates and nourishes all life in the universe. For millennia, Tibetans have had a deep understanding of the nature of spirit, energy and matter…

Questions to ponder

What is more important, attending church, the spiritist center, doing novenas and prayers, or becoming a better person?

What is the use of entering the temples of our faith, if our mind is loaded with bad thoughts; if the heart does not forgive; if emotions keep revolving aro…