Templo Fraternidade Aymoriana

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Templo Fraternidade Aymoriana

The Aymorian Fraternity started the metaphysical aid in 2005 through the spiritual mentors and their medium, providing fraternal support, advice and spiritual cures, contributing to the evolutionary journey, bringing communion of spirit, body and mind.

The Temple offers free biweekly help. Through your mentorsspiritualities, life counseling, energetic passes,chakra alignment, monitoring and mediumistic development,metaphysical surgeries, apometry and lectures. There are still deliveries of teaching materials related to human and spiritual evolution for neophytes and students of spirituality.

The T.F.A. it is also part of social projects, in which it helps several municipalities and villages with food, clothing and educational lectures.

Weekly, from Monday to Friday, it is possible to schedule private consultations with metaphysical therapists, specialized in areas such as Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Apometry, Chromotherapy, etc.

About the therapies



  • 2005 – Beginning of the work, year in which the service was carried out in the house of the priest. The meetings were fortnightly and dealt solely and exclusively of individual consultations between spiritual mentors and consultants.
  • 2009 – In addition to the assistance already mentioned, visits to houses began and consultant companies according to the guidance of spiritual mentors, in order to to promote energetic cleansing and the harmonization of spaces.
  • 2010 – In addition to face-to-face consultations, questions and doubts began to be answered/remedied through virtual channels (Facebook, Instagram and email).
  • 2011 – Mentors ask for the creation of a dedicated place for your calls (Home).
  • 2012 – Confraria do Bruxo blog is created. Bruxo is the pseudonym used by priest to address philosophical, physical and metaphysical topics.
  • 2013 – Through the priest, a property was acquired in Araquari and the Semente do Ser Holistic Space – Lar Caboclo Aymoré was founded. There, with the guidance from mentors, fraternal face-to-face assistance had continuity and spiritual preparation and development began,Metaphysical and Psychic of Mediums.
  • 2015 – The Semente do Ser Holistic Space was disconnected from Lar CabocloAymore. The first became a holistic space focused on services through of complementary therapies, the second became known as Lar Aymoré, where face-to-face fraternal counseling continued. The first monographs and complementary texts were also instituted, provided by mentors with the aim of transmitting the teaching and the mystical truths of the human condition that the medium has, facilitating the understanding of the physical and extra-physical worlds by the same. The study material is continuous with the truths and teachings passed on by the mentors during the consultations, lectures and energetic passes, being born hence the foundations that form the philosophy of the Temple.
  • 2016 – Along with the teachings, energetic passes and advicemetaphysicians, Lar Aymoré began to develop relief work humanitarian with food and clothing collections for needy communitiesand needy.
  • 2019 – With the guidance of spiritual mentors, the name of Lar was changedAymoré for T.F.A – Templo Fraternidade Aymoriana (to be understood: Frater = Brothers, Nidade = Union, that is, Unity among the Brothers), keeping all the ideas, philosophies and services started in 2005.
  • 2021 – Mentors request that the internet portal be made available in English, Spanish and Yoruba, in addition to the mother tongue Portuguese.
Templo Fraternidade Aymoriana

Open meeting
in the Shamanic strand

The meeting in the Shamanic aspect aims to treat both the physical body and the psychic and emotional field of the individual. Through their rituals, Mentors bring relief and well-being by acting mainly on the Being's mental energy, where the Being, through advice and guidance, is able to modify and improve their state of mind and, as a consequence, their health.

This treatment has a very philosophical basis, where the deepening of the themes and problems discussed offers an understanding of life and its paths of evolution. When taken seriously, it may be able to offer mastery over all fields of an individual's day-to-day life.

Templo Fraternidade Aymoriana

Open meeting
in the sphere of Yorimá

The meeting on the slope of Yorimá brings great ancestral wisdom, their mentors are very light, able to appease the mind of any individual who goes to consult them. Popularly known as Pretos-Velhos, the Elders of Yorimá have as their main focus of work the health of the client's body and perispirit, offering treatments and mental rituals that help in the fight and cure of diseases that have already manifested in the incarnate body of the Being.

They often work together with the White Brotherhood in metaphysical surgeries. They still provide advice in the area of family and love relationships, with a softer, loving and caring basis in assessing the problems that the individual is facing.

Templo Fraternidade Aymoriana

Open meeting
in Guardians' sphere

The meeting in the line of Guardians, is mainly focused on the earthly life of the individual, monetary, family, love and professional matters are quite addressed. Guardians help the Being to see life as it is, bringing the ability to see the truths, whether they are painful or not.

In a very direct way and without daydreaming, these mentors show behaviors and thoughts that are hampering and harming the individual's life, whether in the financial area or in their personal relationships. Rituals for opening paths to prosperity and also for ending karmic cycles are widely used by Guardians.

Templo Fraternidade Aymoriana


Each time you enter the Thresholds of this Temple, you are being invited to make the necessary reforms for its growth and consequently find solutions to your problems. Nobody here will do for you what you need to do!


Templo Fraternidade Aymoriana