Templo Fraternidade Aymoriana


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Templo Fraternidade Aymoriana
Templo Fraternidade Aymoriana


The Aymorian Fraternity provides an exclusive virtual environment for studies, for neophytes seeking metaphysical and spiritual development.

In this exclusive area, monographs and digital books are available, in addition to consulting our physical library.


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For the neophyte who wants to register, just click on the button below and fill the form.

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Who can access the member's area?

Through our philosophy and teachings, you will awaken capacities to accomplish what you most desire.

I made my registration, now what?

You will receive by email instructions for your access and the next steps to to be followed.

I'm a neophyte and I'm having trouble accessing

For any access difficulties, you can send an email to [email protected]. A team will help you.

I have further questions

You can send an email to [email protected] or use our contact page to get your doubts.

Templo Fraternidade Aymoriana


Each time you enter the Thresholds of this Temple, you are being invited to make the necessary reforms for its growth and consequently find solutions to your problems. Nobody here will do for you what you need to do!


Templo Fraternidade Aymoriana