Photo Kirlian, Reiki and the Paranormal

Photo Kirlian, Reiki and the Paranormal

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Photo Kirlian, Reiki and the Paranormal

Photo Kirlian, Reiki and the Paranormal

Kirlian photograph (or bioelectrography) of two fingers of different people. Top right, a Reiki's finger with his reiki channel “activated”, emanating energy. Left, below, a person's finger in its normal state.

Kirlian photography or Kirlianography is the frame method discovered in 1939 by Semyon Kirlian, concluding that if an object is placed on a photographic plate connected to a certain voltage, an image is projected onto the plate. In the procedure to take a Kirlian photo, the object is placed next to the photographic emulsion, on an insulating plate with a metallic electrode underneath, which is connected to the Kirlian photography device that generates a pulsating electric current of high frequency, low current and high voltage. In the photo obtained by this process, a fuzzy luminescence appears around the contours of the photographed objects, resulting from the ionization of the gases that are found there, where photons are produced and are registered there.

A movement has recently emerged to rename Kirlianography to bioelectrography, in honor of the Jesuit priest, physicist and polytechnic engineer, Roberto Landell de Moura. Father Landell invented, in 1904, therefore almost forty years before Kirlian, a machine that photographed a luminous halo around the human body, plants, animals and inanimate objects, in addition to having carried out several scientific experiments with it.

It was only in 1968, with prof. Newton Milhomens, that Kirlian photography, or bioelectrography, began to be effectively publicized in Brazil. In his studies, Milhomens even discovered how to identify signs in the halo that indicated organic diseases and various problems in the psychic area.

Paranormality, Sensitivity and Accurate Extra-sensory Perception

The interpretation of the photo has many points in common and the professionals who analyze it end up seeing the same diagnosis, which gives considerable quantitative and qualitative power, scientifically speaking, quite considerable, thus self-asserting the validity of the diagnosis and the Kirllian photo. The interpretation of the photo is given based on statistical and sampling data.
More than 60,000 photos were analyzed and through these analyses, seeing the common points, a line of diagnoses was drawn. The variations found in the interpretation of the Kirllian photo are minimal because the statistical data converged on the same interpretation of the energetic forms.
The Kirllian photo has several purposes, including checking people's energy field, checking their physical and emotional health, in addition to many other diagnoses that can be predicted by the aura photo.
Mystics, esoterists and some scholarly scientists have long been researching the effect and validity of the Kirllian photo. We all know and science also today admits that human beings and living beings in general have a luminous energetic halo with greater or lesser intensity according to the potential of each one, according to the characters that involve each life, each species.
When we change the way we assess vital energy, we also change the energy field or aura. The variations found in the aura serve to diagnose and position the situation of the living being and its energy fields.
The basic colors found in the aura photo are: red, blue, yellow and green. Sometimes combining to appear brown, lavender and violet color variations. The aura varies in intensity and color depending on people's psychological, organic, emotional and spiritual states.
If we vary a person's psychological condition, we are sure to have a variation in the color and extent of the auric or energy field.

There are currently several international scientific publications on the subject, including the diagnosis of diseases such as cancer. In the psychological area, it is possible to identify: depression, sadness, anguish, tensions etc. In the physical aspect in the area of AC, or in popular cancer, after participating in more than 1,200 surgeries, the Kirlian-CFK-BSB Photography Center proved the relationship between cancer and bioelectrography, demonstrating that it could be used effectively as a diagnostic tool, setting up a project requesting support from the Ministry of Health for further research.

Reiki and the Paranormal

As pictured above, in some people they have a unique coloration very intense in yellow, red or orange, these photos we call Altered States of Consciousness. Which means that an accentuated paranormal or a moment of absence, flight, of the person's mind or spirit could be observed as in a mediumistic embodiment and during a Reiki treatment.
We can also verify in the photo the degrees of paranormality where we will have the psi-gamma represented by red, the psi-kappa represented by the orange color and the psi-theta represented by the yellow. This would all give us the representation of an average degree of paranormality, strong or weak, it would also represent the absence or conflict in the paranormal.
Since the time that the aura photo was developed, until today, thousands and thousands of cases are diagnosed and anticipated diagnoses where people, after undergoing an evaluation of the photo, are referred to doctors and the problems presented in the photo are detected.
The photo is capable of evaluating and diagnosing spiritual, organic, emotional and many other problems that, approaching the energy field, are apparently detected and diagnosed. The aura photo today is a great instrument that has helped thousands and thousands of people and given professionals the foundation, a support in their clinical work, in their therapeutic work.